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Cut down installation lead times and expand your core operational possibilities by collaborating with Zeropoint Robotics for your Hardware manufacturing and production needs. Powered by our production and supply chain ecosystem, our products are reliable, safe and Industry standards compliant.
Our Autonomous mobile Robots can be categorised into three series currently, with more than ten models compatible with a wide range of technologies.
Collaborate with us for Design and customizations or pick a standard model from our portfolio of AMRs.

ZMR Series

From UV disinfection to Material handling, the ZMR series is best suited for varied applications in an indoor environment.Designed to comply with the best Robot standards in the industry. It’s robust yet sophisticated build will make it a suitable platform for any application.
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WMR Series

In today’s fast paced and dynamic ecommerce landscape, it is essential for businesses to replace the rigid systems with automated grid based robots for a seamless warehouse operation. Our WMR series is a suitable platform for such applications as it comes equipped with positioning sensors and are capable of operating in footprints where rigid systems won’t fit well.

R&D Platforms

Our R&D platform can serve as a Robot base for your prototyping needs as it gives you the flexibility to integrate a varied range of sensors and devices. This platform is developed as a package for maximum flexibility. Equipped with omniwheels,this robot can be a perfect companion for your Research and Development projects.
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